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NEEDS Selling Solutions is easy-to-read, and packed with valuable practical advice for sales professionals who seek to become more effective with every component of the selling cycle. Selling professionals of all experience levels enjoy both the messages and the advice.

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I found NEEDS Selling Solutions to be very informative and it gave me new insight into how I approach selling. The book is well thought out and provides many examples to help the reader transfer their learning into real life.
Scott Kress, President, Summit Training & Frontier Team Building, 51ST Canadian to summit Mount Everest, Professor of the year, Executive MBA (2007-8), University of Windsor
NEEDS Selling Solutions is a reality-based overview of a very personal and potentially complicated subject. This insightful guide introduces process and rationale, acquired over the entirety of the authors' careers, presented in a way that enables the reader to understand, value and replicate the lessons. This is a must-read for the aspiring as well as the currently successful sales professional.
Patrick O. Connelly, PHD., President, Entelyx International INC.

NEEDS Selling Solutions is a wonderfully practical guide for successful selling and is applicable for all sales professionals. Its practical explanations, examples and solutions are the best I've seen, and reason alone to read it, keep it as a reference and share it with anyone desiring sales success.
Richard Goldberg, Principal, Goldberg Group, LTD.
Jeff Allen and Gary McGugan have done a masterful job articulating a logical, common sense approach that clearly lays out a selling process that will greatly enhance opportunities for sales professionals and sales forces to succeed.
Bob Eddy, National Relationaship Manager TCF Inventory Finance

NEEDS Puzzle

With each component, the NEEDS Selling Solutions authors creatively outline how successful sales people avoid many common traps and mistakes by applying the principles of NEEDS — Necessity: Examine, Explore, Determine, and Solve - to advance the selling process.

NEEDS Puzzle

NEEDS Selling Solutions will be enjoyed by sales professionals in any industry, who are selling any type of product or service, and who seek to improve their selling effectiveness with new ideas, practical advice, and lessons learned from hundreds of sales people around the world.